“Soul Communication & Self Restructuring”
Super Charge Your Body, Skyrocket Your Beliefs & Shine from Your Soul

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wednesdays 8-9 pm eastern

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    Are you seeking your sovereignty?

    Are you feeling buffeted around by a bs in life?

    Are you tired of being controlled, confused, or cooped up?

    Now is the perfect time to utilize your natural resources to reach more people and have the level of impact your soul truly desires. When you tangibly communicate with your soul, you will influence more people in a positive way and quickly reach your desires and goals. Every successful person knows communication is one of the MUST HAVE skills you need to be SUCCESSFUL on every level from impact to income.

    When you attend “Soul Communication & Self Restructuring” you will easily and quickly experience:

    · The essence of your Soul’s signature frequency, while you were still held within source frequency, providing stabilizing & sustainable support

    · A reminder to your entire system that you are created from a unique vibration of vital life force energy and are whole and complete.

    · Essentials to maintain self-confidence, increase your recognition and express your soul’s image.

    · Quiet your inner critics, let go of overwhelm and make Soul aligned decisions.This very special presentation of soul communication experience by Sonya is exactly what you have been looking for.

    · Connection with community, be nurtured, nourished and loved

    Bring your willingness to receive because Sonya Nagy, Intuitive Alignment Master, Soul Communication & Self Restructuring Coach, will light you up with your empowering soul secrets as she delivers.